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Welcome To The Beat

Hit the groove with 'Welcome To The Beat' by Aaron Cold feat. Anthony Poteat. A fresh Tech House banger from LAD Records, perfect for igniting your energy.

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Underground People

Dive into 'Underground People' by Aaron Cold, a gripping Techno anthem from Tech Factory Recordings. This is the underground - raw, rhythmic, and relentless.

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House Section (Summer Edition)

Dive into Aaron Cold's 2004 classic, 'House Section (Summer Edition)', distributed by Sony Music. Featuring legends like Jocelyn Brown, Deskee, Fab 54, plus 3 original tracks from Aaron himself.

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Aaron Cold has established himself as a remarkable figure in the DJ and music production world, with a dynamic and enduring career spanning over three decades. His musical journey, ignited during his teenage years, set the stage for a prolific trajectory in the 90s. During this period, Aaron emerged as a luminary in the Techno and House music scenes. He delved into various sub-genres such as Tech, Minimal, Deep, and Tribal House, and also embraced the captivating rhythms of Funky and Soulful House.

Renowned for his ability to enthrall audiences, whether in live performances or through broadcasts, Aaron's knack for instantly connecting with his listeners has become his trademark. Each of his shows is not just an event but an unforgettable experience. His recent projects showcase his adaptability and unyielding commitment to musical innovation, characterized by live DJ sets that are as groundbreaking as they are emotionally stirring.

A Pioneering Radio Presence

Aaron Cold's influence extends well beyond live venues. He is once again hosting his acclaimed radio show "Sounds Of Ibiza," now airing every Sunday from 7 pm to 8 pm MST on Dance Freex Radio. Additionally, he features monthly on Ibiza Stardust Radio. This show not only highlights Aaron's exceptional taste and mixing prowess but also captures and shares the essence of Ibiza's vibrant music scene with an international audience. Alongside this, Aaron continues to be a sought-after guest on various radio shows.

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Rich Discography

Aaron's creative output includes various tracks, remixes and mix-CDs, each a testament to his diverse musical influences and his ability to innovate within the electronic music genre. These releases have not only added to his credibility as a seasoned artist but have also allowed him to connect with fans on a deeper level, offering them a tangible piece of his musical legacy.